The market is crazy. Bidding wars and emotions are running rampant as buyers struggle to secure housing. So what gives? Why is demand so high? And when will home prices stop rising?

Chinese Buyers Are Pouring in…

According to Forbes magazine recent tax hikes to foreign buyers in Vancouver B.C. has pushed these international, all cash buyers into the Seattle area.

In the last 15 days, 98 out of 390 homes sold with a Seattle address were all cash offers, or roughly 25% of offers.*

And U.S. Buyers are pouring in too…

Domestic buyers are also coming to the Greater Seattle Area and as they do, they push former King County residents to the surrounding areas in search of affordable housing. The Seattle Times recently examines domestic migration extensively in this article. 

I was showing homes in Tacoma recently and upon calling the listing agent to inquire if they had offers already, I laughed out-loud when the listing agent said, “Why are all you King County agents showing homes in Tacoma, haven’t you got anything to sell up there?”

The below interactive chart shows just how little supply the inventory is, less than 3 months supply of inventory leads to rising home prices.

Couple the growing population with low-interest rates, rising rental rates and limited new construction and we are likely to be in a Seller’s market for some time. 

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*Source: Solds & Stats Report,
NWMLS criteria Single Family Home & Condos
Sold between March 14, 2017 to March 29th, 2017, Seattle WA