With so many options today for flooring, this is a wonderful question.   Any advice I give to any home owner is going to always going to follow this very important question:  Are you doing this for your own enjoyment or for strictly for resale?   Most of the time, it’s for the owner’s personal enjoyment.   That being said, install what you love first and foremost.

If you are concerned about resale, I can tell you that the growing trend seems to be for more hard-surface flooring and less carpeting.  The reasons for this are varied and can include anything from concerns about asthma, allergies, and/or pet dander as well as the beauty of hard-surface and the explosion of new options on the market.   The City of Seattle offers some great insights on flooring options for the kitchen in their Green Home Kitchen Remodel Guide.  

Personally, my goal is to eventually replace all the carpeted flooring in my home to hard surfaces.   I look forward to having solid surfaces that are easy to maintain and hold less pet dander.  I’m also a huge fan of area rugs over hard surfaces as they are easier to clean.  Area rugs also make it easy to change the entire look of a room with minimal investment.

If you’d like some recommendations for a great flooring installer, just let me know what type of flooring you are interested in and I’ll send you a link from my Angie’s List account.

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