I’ve been car shopping and the driving force in my search is the MPG, or the E-MPG (equivalent miles per gallon for hybrids and electric cars).   Makes me think back to years ago when I was test driving the Hummer and we laughed how they didn’t come with mpg ratings.  (If you have to ask, right?)

Most consumers wouldn’t dream of buying a car without knowing the fuel efficiency, yet we do it with houses all the time.    Well for those consumers most concerned about energy consumption in your new home, you can have an energy audit done during the inspection period and find out for yourself what the HERS rating is.

Learn more by watching this great short video:

If you are considering energy upgrades and want to use these features as a selling feature for a future home buyer, be sure to have the energy audit before the updates so that you can show a measurable energy savings for both your future home buyer and any appraisers as well.

If you have specific question on how to ensure you maximize your resale value with any Green feature, make sure you call me as I have the expertise in this area.  I’d be delighted to help.

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