Why I love the work of Sarah Susanka

I have seen thousands of homes in my career as a real estate agent. After only a few years into my career I really started to study what makes one house so appealing over another. While I’ve started to understand the subtleties of what makes a home wonderful, it’s only recently that I’ve discovered Sarah Susanka and her principles in making a home “feel” right.

Many of the principles that Sarah talks about apply to new construction, however I’ve had a great time taking her principles and applying them to the re-sale home showing process.

I am a die-hard believer that by taking existing homes and improving the sense of space we make the greenest home choice of all.

Not So Big Showhouse Walk Through 1 of 4 – Entering the Home

In this video, she shows the “walk towards light” concept that can transform the feel of any home but be the difference between livable space and a speed dial to the mental health hotline in the rainy Northwest.


Not So Big Showhouse Walk Through 2 of 4 – Living Area and Kitchen

One of the most common requests a home buyer will give me is that they want an “open floor plan”  However, that open floor plan is very often a boring rectangle of space that is intended to be a living room and a formal eating space. In this video Sarah shows how you can make those spaces interesting with a trellis to differentiate the space and also the concept of creating pass-through to other areas.



Not So Big Showhouse Walk Through 3 of 4 – Away Room and Downstairs Bath

In this video, Sarah talks about “double duty”. I often hear the request for a nice laundry room on the upper level with the bedrooms. However in an older home, moving the laundry upstairs would typically mean sacrificing a bedroom. With the concept of “double duty” I can suggest my clients take an existing home and convert a small bedroom into a laundry room and activity room for the kids and a host of other innovative concepts that “double duty” can mean. What Sarah has done with the downstairs room in this video is absolutely brilliant.


Not So Big Showhouse Walk Through 4 of 4 – Upstairs Bedrooms and Baths

In the last video of this series, Sarah shows us some tricks with using light and dark colors in a room to create the sense of more space and takes us back to more examples of “walk toward light” in the bedrooms and bathrooms.




If you would like to apply these principles to your next home purchase, give me a call and together we can view homes and talk about Sarah’s concepts and principles and how they might work in a remodel of an older home.

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