Moving to Renton, Washington provides you with an opportunity to experience new things, meet new people and get a fresh start. However, before enjoying everything Renton has to offer, you have to get there. Alone, the moving process can involve quite a few unknowns and pitfalls, but it is possible to avoid all these with a few moving tips.

In addition to hiring the right movers in Renton, you should also utilize the other tips found here. Doing so will help you have nothing but a positive, stress-free moving experience.

The Best Time to Move

You should plan your move to Renton during a period that is somewhat slow. For example, if you intend to move to (or from) The Landing in Renton, you should avoid doing so at the end of July and during the first few weeks of August. At this time, training camp is open to the public and parking, and shuttle services to practice go to and from The Landing. This means the place is in absolute chaos during this time and attempting to coordinate parking for your moving truck is going to be virtually impossible. A general rule of thumb is to avoid any days when training camp is open to the public.

Generally speaking, August is a bad time to move to Renton. This is also when Seafair is going on. During this time, the bridge on I90 (which is the main road into Renton) is shut down due to the Blue Angels show. This, too, will cause your move to be slowed down and create more hassle than you likely want to deal with.

Consider the Weather

You should consider the weather when you are planning a move to or from Renton, as well. For example, the warm season lasts from June 22nd to September 15th and the cold season lasts from November 14th to March 5th. Generally speaking, moving between those dates (i.e. during April, May, and October) are going to provide you with the mildest temperatures. Keep in mind, if you do make the decision to move during the cold season, you should be prepared to deal with rain and snow, which are both likely. Remembering this can help you prepare for the weather you will encounter during your move.

Plan Ahead

The best thing you can do to ensure your move is a success is to plan your move in advance. Professional moving services can help you with the logistics of your move, no matter if you have a short or long distance to travel. Regardless of if you are moving into the area, or out of it, planning the process will ensure you know what to expect.

There is no question that Renton is a great place to live. It is just 10 miles to the south of Seattle and situated along the scenic Lake Washington. Here you can enjoy the small-town feel, while still having access to big-city amenities. Renton is the ideal reprieve from the areas quicker paced and more costly neighboring communities. If you are planning on relocating to this area, let the tips here help reduce the stress and hassle typically associated with the moving process.

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