While lost on Pinterest recently, I stumbled across a household appliance that threw me into a frenzied search to find this glorious product.   While I was disappointed to find out that the awesome fridge I was looking for, is yet to be invented; I was none the less very excited about the future and the glorious products that await us in the housing field.

The fridge that had caught my attention and activated the “must-have” corridor of my brain is the Electrolux Bio Robot refrigerator.  It was part of a contest to reinvent household appliances for the year 2050.   To qualify, students had to redesign appliances so they used less space and less energy, considering that both will be at a premium in the future.

The Electrolux Bio Robot takes up less space and 90% of the space it consumes is actually used for the intended purpose.   It’s sleek, versatile in design, and simply beautiful.

 Electrolux has also been named the 2011 Energy Star Partner of the year. In 2010, Electrolux encouraged consumers to recycle old appliances and replace them with ENERGY STAR qualified appliances through the Swap and Save program.  Electrolux and their customers ended up saving U.S. consumers more than $240 million dollars in energy costs and more than 7.4 billion gallons of water.

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