I love modern homes and obviously I love eco-conscience homes. But paring modern architecture to the Green home movement narrows an already limited audience. Houzz features this beautiful craftsman by Moore Architects and despite the impressive size of almost 8,000 square feet the home is LEED Silver Certified. Disproving that to be Green you need to want both modern and smaller homes.
From the Houzz profile page it’s reported that the architects designed low bearing roofs to reduce the height from above, while bringing the ground plane up by specifying local Carder Rock stone for the foundation walls. The landscape around the house further anchored the house by installing retaining walls using the same stone as the foundation. The remaining areas on the property were heavily landscaped with climate appropriate vegetation, retaining walls, and minimal turf.

Other LEED elements include LED lighting, geothermal heating system, heat-pump water heater, FSA certified woods, low VOC paints and high R-value insulation and windows.

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