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Say no to stairs

There are currently about 78 million baby boomers in the United States.  And a third of those Baby Boomers plan to retire in 2012 at an age of 66.

As these America gray and their knees and joints become less forgiving, homes built to accommodate the needs of the aging (also know as Universal Design) will become more and more desirable.    And in the hilly neighborhoods of the Greater Seattle area, homes without stairs are far and few between.

I am no stranger to this need as I cringe in fear every time I think of my 70-year-old parents climbing steep stairs in their basement just to do the laundry.   I would do anything to get them to move into a home that is more tolerant of aching knees and fragile bones, but like many Americans my parents are in denial about their ailing health.

A few years ago, I was showing a couple in their 50’s a few homes.  The wife already had a bad knee so when we saw a home with stairs, she would patiently wait downstairs while her husband went upstairs to report back if she would like it.   I suggested to this couple that they consider a master on the main.  I might as well suggested that they both schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian, as admitting there was a problem with mobility was not something they were prepared to do.   I don’t blame them and there is merit in refusing to grow old gracefully.

That being said, as we age and reality sets in for more and more folks, homes that accommodate those with disabilities are likely to see a huge increase in demand.

Not only can the master on the main floor-plan be a purposeful and functional design, most of them are absolutely beautiful.  The concept of universal design ties in with the Green housing movement, because if you can build homes that last a lifetime, you eliminate the need for costly and resource intensive remodel down the road.   After all, the green housing movement is all about building a home right from the beginning so that it can last you to the end, whatever the end might be.

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