I just installed my new Hybrid water heater. This video was extremely helpful in helping me decide to make the investment. So far, I love my new water heater.

I paid about $1000 for my water heater and expect to get a rebate from Puget Sound Energy for $500 although it appears that rebate is as high as $800 today. Check your local utility company for rebates. I expect to save about $300 per year on my utility bills. We installed it ourselves, and when I saw we, what I really mean is my husband.  The do-it-yourself part of the job kept the costs down but you do have to be savvy as a condensate waste drain line will need to added.

An interesting side benefit of the heat pump is that I’ve heard some creativity builders have converted the utility closet with heat pump to a wine cellar as the heat pump for the water heater will make the space around it cooler. Be sure to run a series of numbers as you can’t put the heater in too small of a space or it won’t have enough available heat to pump.

The video is very helpful in helping you to decide if  you should consider moving forward with a Hybrid water heater. I have  a previous post that explains how the unit saves you energy, click here to learn more. If you have questions, please give me a call at 425-891-0088.  After all, we all in this together.

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