What I love about real estate and housing today is how fast things are changing.  I learn so much everyday.  Just last month I posted an article about heating water in the home, and then today, I learn about a new type of water heater, which I’m very excited about it.

The reason for my excitement is that with many “green” housing options, they are super cool, but often difficult to justify financially.  Yes, I’d love to have super insulation as well as solar and geo-thermal energy, but I also have to justify my spending like everyone else.

So when I find products that actually save energy and pay for themselves in a limited time-period (which I define as less than five years), I get really excited.   The Heat Pump water heater does just that.   In fact, when I ran the “calculation tool” on GeoSpring’s Hybrid Water Heater site, due to my current water heater approaching the end of its life, I could recoup my costs in less than a year.  This is presuming  I would be taking advantage of a local rebate that expires at the end of the year.

If you are interested, do your own calculations to make sure this is a good investment for yourself.

Curious as to how exactly it saves so much energy over traditional electric water heaters?   Watch this video to learn how.

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