Learn how to attract pollinators to your garden.

Learn how to attract pollinators to your garden.

Earlier this spring we posted an article on How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden  Now we have a great follow-up on attracting another great pollinator.

A few summers ago, my mother planted a number of flowers in my garden in the early spring. What an exception gift she gave me. The flowers shot up in beautiful color with minimal work needed to see them bloom. I was so impressed by the beauty and ease, I replanted flower seeds this year to the same area.

I can’t tell you how many days I would stop at this magnificent patch of flowers and stare not only at the beauty of the flowers themselves but of the hundreds of bees working so hard on each flower. Next year, I intend to increase the real estate designated for the flowers and the bees. Houzz has some great tips on attracting native bees to your garden.

There is something so incredibly satisfying providing a source of pollen for bees that you know is pesticide free. The more I work to implement environmentally friendly practices in my life, the more I’m struck with the symbiosis of doing the right thing. Planting flowers brings a level of beauty to a home that cannot be understated. And this beauty provides food and habitat for other creatures which in turn benefits the local environment and that again in return benefits us.

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