Buy this Maple Valley home with Zero Down

Buy this Maple Valley home with Zero Down

The market is rising and with it the problem of saving a down payment faster than homes appreciate which can become very daunting.

I often share my surprise when I first got into real estate upon learning of the numerous programs that I could have used to get into a home sooner than I did. If you want a home and feel like it’s out of reach, please call me at 425-891-0088. You might be surprised; just like I was.

So now that you know there are a few programs out there for home buyers with limited down payments, the USDA zero down is one of my favorites. Also known as the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing program.  (Yes, that is USDA as in Department of Agriculture  they have a home loan program for rural areas)

To find out if a home qualifies for the USDA zero down program usually means being in a rural area, but some areas that qualify may not exactly seem that rural.  At least until March 23rd, when new guidelines are scheduled to be established.

Search Homes in the USDA eligible area here*

*USDA eligible areas subject to change without notice, always ask your mortgage provider to verify the home is in a USDA eligible area. You may also check with the USDA by clicking here.

The Guaranteed Rural Housing program is offered to individuals outside of metropolitan areas, it has income limitations based on the number of people in your household, it permits gifts and grants from family, friends and non-profit agencies, and qualified applicants can receive up to 102 percent financing, making their goal of home-ownership achievable.

If you’d like to learn more about the Guaranteed Rural Housing program, check out Keane’s blog on What every home buyer should know about USDA loans. 

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