Author: Jana Schmidt

Unprecedented Rise in the Rate of Absorption for King County Real Estate

Alan Pope’s Market Trends Alan Pope, considered a wizard of appraisals in King County real estate circles, has long been compiling many great market trends via his personal website. A favorite of many of us real estate brokers is his King County Absorption of Inventory.   We eagerly await his report to confirm our suspicions of what ever we are experiencing on the ground as far as a turn in real estate markets. We expected to see results of a seller’s market, but this recent report was even more dramatic than we expected.    This report is two pages, the first shows a five-year trend with both inventory (supply) and net pending sales (demand) listed as a line graph.  The second page is a mathematical equation to tell us how much of the supply is being absorbed by the demand.   March of 2012 shows a rise that is almost completely unprecedented. A shy 58% of homes on the market in King County during the month of March 2012 received an acceptable offer for the seller.   Even during the most recent boom market, the absorption rate only hit that bench mark occasionally, and the rise was considerable more gradual.   This change is not only dramatic in what it means for home sellers in King County, it’s significant in the speed of which this market appears to have changed. See the full report here:...

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How to Hire a Stellar Real Estate Agent

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it can be stressful. You’re  going to want a rock-star team behind you. But where do you start? What questions should you ask them? How do you know if they can get the job done? Will they look after your interests? Don’t worry, here’s a how you find the right real estate agent for you. Step One ~ Google Them! This is the 21st century, people! If you want the most unbiased opinion you can get, where else would you turn but  your good ol’ friend, the internet. For most accurate...

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Red Flag Checklist for Home Buyers

I get a lot of questions these days from prospective home buyers who want to make sure they buy a home that will appreciate well. Focus on the lot, not the house Recently, I had a friend ask me whether a newer home versus an older home would appreciate better. The quick answer: the home isn’t as important as the property. And with lots of brand new homes languishing on the market because they were built-in crowded plats or functionally lacking lots, there is good reason to pay extra close attention to the property. I dug up a recent...

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The GREEN Alternative In Seattle Real Estate

As a REALTOR® in the Greater Seattle area I recognize the importance of Green Standards in housing, and have completed my NAR Green Designation.  I employ all Green Business practices from paperless systems to understanding what features in a home are Green and why. Even if you are not looking for a Certified Green home, my expertise can help guide you to choose a home that is kind on the pocketbook, and to suggest ways you can save money in the form of energy savings year after year. Weather you are looking to buy a Certified new or retrofitted GREEN home or simply learn the best ways to GREEN your current or “new-to-you” home, I can help. Share this:SharePinterestLinkedInTwitterFacebookGoogleEmailLike this:Like...

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