Author: Jana Schmidt

Tips on Moving

Moving to Renton, Washington provides you with an opportunity to experience new things, meet new people and get a fresh start. However, before enjoying everything Renton has to offer, you have to get there. Alone, the moving process can involve quite a few unknowns and pitfalls, but it is possible to avoid all these with a few moving tips. In addition to hiring the right movers in Renton, you should also utilize the other tips found here. Doing so will help you have nothing but a positive, stress-free moving experience. The Best Time to Move You should plan your move to Renton during a period that is somewhat slow. For example, if you intend to move to (or from) The Landing in Renton, you should avoid doing so at the end of July and during the first few weeks of August. At this time, training camp is open to the public and parking, and shuttle services to practice go to and from The Landing. This means the place is in absolute chaos during this time and attempting to coordinate parking for your moving truck is going to be virtually impossible. A general rule of thumb is to avoid any days when training camp is open to the public. Generally speaking, August is a bad time to move to Renton. This is also when Seafair is going on. During this...

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Increase Your Net Worth With Real Estate

Compare the net worth of anyone who has rented for 20 years against any homeowner of the same time period, and almost without exception, the homeowner will have a higher net worth. Why is that? Let’s break it down… Real estate is one of the best investment to protect you against inflation. If you stuck $100,000 in your mattress, over time inflation would steal some of that money from you because as inflation rises, what you can buy for $100,000 goes down. Take the same $100,000 and buy real estate with it and with even meager appreciation, you’ll likely see...

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Buyer’s Purchasing Power Against Rising Interest Rates & Low Inventory

Interest rates have risen since the election, most experts were predicting rates to be around 3.6% for the 4th quarter of 2016 and their predictions have fallen short by almost a half percent. So what does a half percent cost the average home buyer? Using the median home price in the King County region of $517,000, you can see an increase of .5% on your mortgage interest rate can be the equivalent of $25,000 of purchasing power for the same monthly payment. While many would be home buyers assume prices will come down in the face of rising interest...

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How soon should a buyer get pre-approved?

If you are considering a home purchase in the next five years, you should talk to a lender today. Seriously, home buyers tend to either overestimate or underestimate the lending process. Many folks I talk to are concerned about wasting someone’s time and that is a wonderful trait. I admire and adore it. For lenders and real estate professionals, the more buyers they help, the better they become at helping others. We want to talk to you. We want to help guide you on the path to home ownership and we really want to be of service. The sooner...

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Why are mortgage rates on the rise?

Interest rates remain historically low but they are on the rise. What higher interest rates mean for the Seattle real estate market? Historically, when interest rates rise, we see an immediate bump in home sales as buyers who have been shopping rush to get rates locked in while they can. Over a longer period, higher interest rates will price some buyers out of the market. Please be mindful that in the Greater Seattle area we still have a huge problem with the lack of inventory and even with higher interest rates, prices may still continue to rise. In fact, we...

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